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The 2012 WTO International Toilet Design Award in Durban: Winner is Sabine Schober from Hamburg, Germany

The 12th Annual Congress of the World Toilet Organisation (the other WTO) will be opened by Winnie Madikizela-Mandela in South Africa. This first World Toilet Summit takes place from December 4 to 6 in Durban. The prime concern of conference organizers is humane toilets for all and everywhere. An incredible 40 % of world population have no access to appropriate sanitation. However, this is to be changed with a new concept. To attain this goal, the Toilet Design Award will be awarded in cooperation of WTO with Prof. Ralf Otterpohl from Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). With a total sum of 50,000 $, it enables the development of toilets culminating in production of prototypes. The main award for a slum-suitable toilet with excellent design will be granted to the industrial designer Sabine Schober from Hamburg during the opening ceremony of the conference by Tokyo Sexwale, current Minister of Human Settlements of South Africa. Besides its asthetic value, a characteristic of the toilet designed by Ms. Schober is that it can be used in sitting as well as in squatting manner (see photograph).

The function of the toilet is a consequence of the latest development of Terra Preta Sanitation utilizing the hygienized excreta after mixing with charcoal for the production of highly fertile soils for reforestation.

Winner of the second award is Ms. Prof. Nedina Sari from product design department of ITB, the largest University of Technology in Indonesia. An award for an important detail solution was granted to the German civil and environmental engineer Jan Wibbing who has demonstrated the economic feasibility of the complete system in-depth. A group of students guided by the Italien designer Prof. Luigi Bistagnoni from Politechnico de Torino was awarded for excellent posters demonstrating the sanitation system. At present, there are negotiations with manufacturers. Marketing will be realized via SaniShop of WTO. Further interested partners from synthetic materials industry are welcome.

Presentation of the winners:

design award slides for opening ceremony.pdf

Announcement of the Toilet Design Award published beginning of 2012:


World Toilet Summit Durban 2012

Further information and interviews available at Prof. Otterpohl