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19-21 November, 2015 at BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa campus

Day 1, 19 November, 2015 (Thursday)


09:00–10:00 Registration

09:30–10:00 Inaugural Function

10:00 – 10:40Keynote Lecture:Prof Otterpohl -Synergistic Interaction Of Sanitation, Bio-Waste Utilization And Energy SystemsTowards Water And Food Security

10:40 –11:20Keynote Lecture: Prof Wani -Constructed Wetlands Offer A Solution Towards Sustainable And Safe Reuse OfWastewater In Irrigation, ICRISAT, Hyderabad, India

11:20 – 11:40 TEA BREAK

11:40–01:30 Plenary Session I: Terra Preta Sanitation Systems

Chair: Prof. Wani

Key Address: Bettendorf T., Napp J., Voss T., Hertel C., Otterpohl R. - Sanitation Service For Large-Scale, Temporary Events Based On The TPS Approached.

M. Wernli - Fermenting The City: Grassroots Agency For Biomass Conservation InHong Kong

Stefan Bottger / Tilia Umwelt GmbH - Terra Preta And The Operator Model AnOption To Close The Cycle In The Field Of Decentral Wastewater Treatment

N. Andreev, M. Ronteltap, B.Boincean, P.N.L. Lens - Processing Of Faeces FromUrine Diverting Dry Toilets By Combined Biological Processes: Lactic AcidFermentation And Vermi/Thermal Composting Visa

Srikanth Mutnuri – Terra preta sanitation

01:30–02:30 Lunch &Poster Session

02:30–04:20 Session II: Constructed Wetlands

Chair: Dr Hoysall Chanakya

Key Address: Florent Chazarenc -Latest Advances For Nutrients Removal In Small ExtensiveWastewater Treatment Plants

M. M. Ghangrekar - Constructed Wetland Microbial Fuel Cell for ElectricityProduction and Wastewater Treatment

M.Cerroni, L.Achene, M.Carere, L.Lucentini- Reclaimed Water Use For CropsIrrigation In Italy

Aviraj Datta, Suhas P Wani, Amey Tilak, Mukund D Patil - Exploring Phyto-Remediation Potential Of Marigold In A Field Scale Constructed Wetland

Er. Dinesh Kr. UpadhyayHydraulic Performance of the “Constructed Wetland”,Treating (Leachate and Raw Sewage) Post UASBR

04:20 – 04:40 TEA BREAK

04:40–06:30 Session III: Wastewater Treatment

Chair: Dr.Florent Chazarenc

Key Address: H. N. Chanakya, S. Subramanya, K. S. Sangunni- Restoring The Dying Urban LakesAnd Man-Made Water Bodies With Partially Treated Sewage To Create Bird Refuges

I. Herrmann, A. Hedstrom, M. Viklander - Treatment Of Phosphorus And Bacteria InAlkaline And Sand Filters Used For On-Site Sanitation – Preliminary Results From AFull-Scale Study

Robert Dcosta- Sustainable Watershed Development On The Mountain Regions

Moumouni D. A., Konate Y, Andrianisa H.A., Ndiaye A., Maiga A.H. - AlternativeDecentralized Biological Wastewater Treatments For Sub-Saharan Africa Urban Poor

Ruhi Saith, Rebecca Scott (Loughborough University) and Ian Ross (Oxford PolicyManagement) United Kingdom . Improving Faecal Sludge Management in Dhaka –evidence to inform action

Day 2, 20 November, 2015 (Friday)

09:30–11:20 Session IV:

Field Scale Studies

Chair:Myles Elledge

Key Address: Michel Torrijos -Treatment Of Effluent From Small Farm Goat’s Cheese DairiesIn AnAerobic SBR

Klarchen - The Small Sewage Treatment Plant For House And Garden

MeenaKumari Sharma, Anwar Khursheed, Absar Ahmad Kazmi- PerformanceEvaluation Of Packaged Plant For Treatment Of Single Household DomesticWastewater

Dr.Lucas Dengel - Household Level Uddts In A Tamil Nadu Village - Learning FromFailures & Factors For Success

Jan Wibbing, Mammo Beriso Bulbo, Horacio Factura,Ralf Otterpohl -Terra PretaSanitation, Woodgas-Stoves And Moringa Tree Cultivation To Help Reverse ErosionBy Slope Farming In Arba Minch, Ethiopia

11:20–11:40 TEA BREAK

11:40–01:30 Session V: Reinvent The Toilet Challenge, Biochar And Dry Toilets

Chair: Michel Torrijos

Key Address: Myles Elledge - Urban Sanitation in India: A Review of RTI’s Gujarat Field Workunder the Gates Foundation Reinvent the Toilet Technology Program

Olivier Levebvre - Investigating Biochar Production From Simulated Human FaecesFor Various Applications

Sahar Dalahmeh, Meritxell Gros, Karin Wiberg, Hakan Jonsson, Mikael Pell -Biochar Efficiently Removes Recalcitrant Pharmaceuticals From Wastewater

Talullah D’Silva - Dry Waterless Toilets In Goa

Dipak A., Jadhav, Makarand M. Ghangrekar- Bioelectric Toilet (Bio-ElectrochemicalSeptic Tank System): A Novel Approach For Treatment Of Human Waste AndGenerating Onsite Electricity

01:30–02:30 Lunch & Poster session

02:30–04:20 Session VI: Wastewater Management

Chair: Dr.M.M.Ghangrekar

Key Address: Dirk Walther, Jitendra Yadav- Co-Fermentation Of Organic Waste And Faecal SludgeIn Nashik: A Close The Loop Cycle Approach

S. Alnahhal, S. Afifi, G. Seliger- Organic Waste Potentials For Terra Petra ProductionIn Urban Areas In Gaza Strip

Jacob, R. Pai, R. Pradeep, S. Sinha - Stabilization Of Fecal Sludge In Anaerobic BiogasDigester

Javed Alam - Wastewater Management: A Hope to Rejuvenation of Ecosystem

Sustainable Biosolutions - Decentralized wastewater system

04:20 – 04:40 TEA BREAK

04:40–05:00 Valedictory

Day 3, 21 November, 2015 (Saturday)

Visit To A Dry Toilet Experimental Area As Well As Dudhsagar Waterfalls


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