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2nd International Terra Preta Sanitation Workshop, Arba Minch, Ethiopia, March 2012 und Bandung, Indonesia, March 2012

Inspired by the discovery of the great anthropogenic ancient soils in the Amazon called Terra Preta, integrated sustainable solutions are now being developed to address some of the most urgent challenges of our time – poor sanitation, food insecurity, and soil degradation – under the concept we call Terra Preta Sanitation (TPS).

Come and be part of the solution, while enjoying at the permaculture centre, sharing and learning! This workshop invites all sustainable sanitation stakeholders,

individuals, private as well as public institutions to discuss this emerging technology with special focus on the link to food security. This is being organised by the institute of

wastewater management and water protection at Hamburg University of Technology. The detailed program of the workshop will be circulated in a short while.


Christopher Buzie


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